Psychological Astrology

ψυχ αστρολογια

The etymology of the Greek word anthropos (human) implies the beautiful and inherent human tendency to “look up”, to address the celestial and cosmic forces in search of purpose, meaning and direction.

The science of Psychological Astrology is the offspring of a marriage between traditional astrology and modern psychology. It helps us understand and realize our interconnection with the 9 main planetary archetypes of our solar system, as they are expressed in our natal chart, our personal astrological seal.

It is there that the positions of the planets at the time of our birth are photographed, giving us the possibility to know and decode possibly unacknowledged traces of our personality and psyche. The natal chart is the exact focal point where the universal meets the individual and the individual becomes a conscious carrier of the universal, archetypal forces. The study of the chart opens gateways to options, actions and ways of behavior, where the person and the universe coexist and co-create in balance.

During your stay at Amforeas Estate you can experience a personal session of Psychological Astrology.

Let us know on your interest upon your arrival and we can organise your session.