Hellenic Archetypal Expression

ελ αρ εκφραση

The awe, beauty and emotional upliftment we experience at the sight of ancient greek creations can be attributed to the harmony and balance of their lines, as well as to their capacity to complement and praise the natural habitat in which they are situated.

For the ancients the notion of nature encompassed and expanded beyond the Earth, in the macrocosm, the stars and the Universe, a fact proven by their skillful choice of placement for their temples; the temples that today take our breath away were in a lively relationship with astronomical and astrological phenomena of high importance such as the equinoxes and solstices.

Hellenic Archetypal Expression, a synthesis of sacred movement, psychological astrology and bodynamic psychotherapy, is the result of an ongoing research taking place in Amforeas Estate on the ancient sacred movements inspired by Ancient Greece and the Orient (Oriental dance, Japanese butoh and Sufi whirling). Static form evolves into dance, providing modern man with the opportunity to revive and remember his/her relationship with the macrocosm via the use of his/her physical body.

With the natal chart as a guideline, introductory personal sessions of Hellenic Archetypal Expression take place in our external theatre and are offered to our guests. This experience of the therapeutic effect of sacred movement for emotional, mental and spiritual well being, of reconciliation with the archetypal forces that constitute our psyche is performed under the bright sky amongst our ancient pistachio trees.

Express your interest upon your arrival and we can schedule your session.